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Friday, May 31, 2013


- Really Disney? I'm incredibly disappointed with the new Merida design.

- Who doesn't love sloths?
source: CuriousBurrow

- I don't agree with the ending, but it's pretty funny.
- There is no such thing as a bad beard, but yeah, some of these moustaches are a little bad.

- This didn't just make me feel old -- it made me really sad. Especially the Toy Story one.

- And, my new favorite etsy - One Sick Stitch. Honestly, these are amazing.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Alright, time to gush about my vacation to San Diego and what an amazing vacation I had.

SUNDAY / Getting out of the house was hard and I was starting to stress out before we even got on the road. But, after all the set backs (and there were many), we headed West. For me, the drive went incredibly fast. We got there around 2 in the afternoon and checked into our first hotel. This hotel was right off the freeway, but it wasn't terrible. Recently remodeled too. We went out to eat at this place called Woodstock's Pizza. I've mentioned this before, but my boyfriend is a celiac, which basically means he has a gluten-free diet. We're always on the look out for trying new places. 

Usually, I don't partake in his gluten-free food, but the girl behind the counter assured me that it was delicious and it was. I love thin, crunchy pizza and this crust was definitely like that. The toppings were fresh and phenomenal. 

After dinner, we got some cider for the hotel room and went down to Mission Bay. We walked around the park and then we went back to the hotel to sleep.

MONDAY / SeaWorld Day! We started the morning by going to this breakfast place called Snooze. I had something called the O.M.G. French Toast and I normally don't like sweet things for breakfast, but this was amazing. Decadent.

Then, we headed over to SeaWorld to get there immediately as it opened because we planned on doing everything and we did. We saw all the shows and rode all the rides and honestly, it was just a lot of fun.

The new ride, Manta, was one of the best rollercoasters I've ever been on. Just incredibly smooth. Not too fast, but definitely not a baby-ride. And then, of course, there is the Shipwreck Rapids, which left me soaked from head to toe.

For dinner, we went to Casa Guadalajara for dinner. It was good. I had two delicious peach margaritas and then some awesome chicken mole. Mike had fish tacos that he deemed, "Not bad." 

Part two of my vacation extravaganza will be up tomorrow! 

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Monday, May 27, 2013

WEEKENDS / A Very Nerdy Weekend.

I went into this weekend thinking that I was a pretty big nerd. Yeah, I'm into some nerdy things -- not a lot, but I definitely thought I was nerdy than the status quo. All of those feelings went right out the door when I went to Phoenix Comicon.

I was in a minority by not being dressed up actually. My boyfriend wore a jacket from something I've never heard of - I think it was a video game? - and he got compliments. But, the cosplaying - I think I understood what 10% of the costumes were from. There were a lot of Doctors and I don't even like that show.

Walking around was interesting. There were a lot of booths selling just about everything you could think of. And, we got to see all of the amazing costumes. Then, my boyfriend and I went to an Arrested Development panel. Firstly, let me just say that Phoenix Comicon is still in its infancy and it does not pull a lot of big names. So, the "Arrested Development Panel" was not any actors or even Mitch himself, but one of the co-writers/co-producers, Dean Lorey. Secondly, I think we're all lucky that this happened before the premiere of the new season on Sunday.

He was very tight-lipped about the new season, but said it was good. I think I disagree, but I'll get into how I felt about season 4 of Arrested Development in a different post.

Then, we went to an Adult Swim panel and just like the AD one, this was not an officially sanctioned Adult Swim panel -- it was this guy that had directed a few episodes of a few different shows. He was actually really interesting.

Overall, it wasn't a terrible experience. It was a different thing to do.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Last month, I told you all about my newest pursuit - a quest to become more active. I'm super excited to share my progress with all of you.

1) Finish Couch to 5K - IN PROGRESS. It's an 8 week program, so as of today I am at Week 5, Day 1. I began at the beginning of April, so it feels great to see how far I've come despite a few set backs - like getting sick at the end of April and being exhausted from work in May. 

2) Gym Membership - CHECK. I found an awesome gym called YouFit. I wasn't going a lot in April because the weather was perfect and I wanted to run outside, but as it starts to heat up to triple digits, the gym is going to become my new best friend.

3) Do More Activities with my Boyfriend - FAIL. Whoops! I keep trying and on my days off, we just end up sleeping. I want to try this again, so we'll see. 

4) Keep a Log - IN PROGRESS. This is an on-going goal and I love looking back to see what I've done throughout the weeks. In addition to using RunKeeper to track my runs, I write down what I've done on EverNote - to keep track of my off-days too. I also have been scheduling my workouts on my Google Calendar as more of a motivation. 

As for some new goals ... 

5) Get My Mile Time Down. I'm a little embarrassed at where I'm at right now, so I don't want to say, but I'd like to shave at least one minute off my mile time.

6) Run 3x/Week and Full Body Work-Out 2x/Week. Running is clearly my favorite form of exercise and I'd like to keep running most days of the week. I don't know how long I'll do this for because I really hate running on a treadmill, but even after I finish Couch to 5K, I'd like to keep running just as much, if not more.

What are you working on right now? Let me know in the comments! 


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

RECENTLY READ: In the Garden of Beasts

In The Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and An American Family in Hitler's Berlin - Erik Larson

Last year, I read Erik Larson's Devil in the White City. I immediately fell in love with his writing style -- his ability to take non-fiction and write it like it was fiction. To create a world that existed and immediately pull the reader in. The problem with a lot of non-fiction authors is that it gets a little dry. We're so far removed from the action in the book that it seems far away. That's not a problem in Larson's books.

In the Garden of Beasts follows the American Ambassador to Berlin right before World War II. Ambassador Dodd is not a typical member of the State Department - he's a history professor that just wanted an easy post so he could work on his grand work of a history of the American south. Unfortunately  that was not possible while in Berlin.

Knowing what I know about World War II and Hitler's regime, it's really interesting to see the perspective from Americans at that time. At first, Dodd's family was actually sympathetic to the Nazi regime. 

This book is very well written and interesting. No real dry parts either.

Should You Read It? Yes! Even if you're not a huge non-fiction fan, this book would appeal to you. It's got romance, action, and you might even learn something.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

MOVIE REVIEW: The Great Gatsby ... more like TERRIBLE Gatsby.

Alright, my title gives away all my feelings and I ought to just leave it at that, but I can't. If you follow me on Twitter (@klghstumpe), then I assume you've seen all my angry tweets after I saw The Great Gatsby, but let's rehash.

For the record, The Great Gatsby is actually one of my favorite books. I read it so many times in high school for fun. I'm a huge fan and when I heard they were doing a movie and my man Leo was going to be Gatsby -- I was ecstatic.

Before I went, I heard the complaints:

  • THE MUSIC. How dare they use rap music. This actually didn't bother me going in. I love Jay Z and I figured it would give it a modern take.
  • TOBEY WHAT'S HIS FACE. Yeah, I hate him too. And I don't even have the will power to google how to spell his last name because I'm not a fan of him at all. But I figured I could get over it.
Going in, I had moderate expectations and I figured I could get over everyone else's complaints. I was wrong. Dead. Wrong.

First off, I cannot pinpoint exactly what about the movie made it bad. I would be a terrible film critic. But I can tell you that it felt like it was too long. It was a two hour long movie and I felt like we sat in that theatre for 10 hours. A movie shouldn't feel that way.

Secondly, Tobey's face is so annoying that it detracts from the rest of the movie. His acting is terrible, but HIS ACTING ISN'T EVEN THE WORST. Daisy's delivery is so bad. In the book, she is supposed to be this very flippant woman, but the actress forces the lines out and it seems so difficult. 

Third, Leo even seemed bad in it. SORRY.

Fourth, what in God's green earth was that framing technique used in the beginning? FRAMING TECHNIQUES ARE NOT HELPFUL. 

And lastly, it was just a shit show. 

I will say that Tom was exactly how I pictured him and I love the idea of Leo as Gatsby. It was so bad that I almost walked out, but I stuck around to see just how bad it could get. Do yourself a favor and just don't bother with it. Save your money for some cheap champagne and glitter and have a Gatsby night yourself. 

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Saturday, May 18, 2013


Personal Update: My long awaited vacation is finally here. On Sunday, I'm heading off to San Diego with my boyfriend to relax, enjoy the beach, and go to SeaWorld. I have posts scheduled so I apologize in advance for not responding to any thing while I'm away. As for my lack of posts earlier this week, blame my vacation brain. I've already mentally checked out of work and it's been hard to make it through this week. Have a great week everyone!

- Things about the Sims that we all remember. I heard they're making a new one, so that's something to look forward to.

- I cannot wait to try this sangria from Sydney at Crepes of Wrath. I never would have thought of grilling the fruit first.

- Instagram coasters - I definitely want to do this.

- This comic from Hyperbole and a Half about depression is spot on and everyone ought to read it.
                                      source: Hyperbole and a Half

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Thursday, May 16, 2013


DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of, but all opinions are my own.

Real talk: I honestly don't remember when I started using birth control pills, but I can't remember or even imagine my life before them. I have terrible periods - cramps that leave me unable to move, break outs, mood swings, heavy flow, and they last for at least a week. I've had to switch pills a few times to find the one (right now, Loestrin 24) that helps with most of my problems. I still have the cramps, but I'm only partially down for one day instead of my usual 2 or 3.

I think the only downside to birth control pills is having to remember to take them - at the same time every day. Luckily, has you covered. They have reminders for not only your daily birth control, but also for doctor's appointments. You can find those reminders here -

Birth control pills aren't for everyone though. And that's totally okay too! There are so many options now for women to practice safe sex. has you covered on the many different methods of birth control too - you can check those out here with their Method Explorer.

Honestly, I love being on birth control -- I feel so empowered by being able to live my life without being hindered by my cramps. I think that birth control, while also doing what the name says, can help out with a lot of different things. Birth control pills have also helped my acne, which has definitely boosted my self-esteem. My life has become infinitely better by being on birth control pills. I'm able to live my life the way I want it and I feel great about myself.

Be sure to check out's Pinterest contest. Here are the details:

Every girl has that bedside drawer that holds the bedroom essentials: their Kindle, a pair of reading glasses, sexy lingerie. – whatever fits their personality. No matter what your drawer says about you, there’s birth control that will fit right in. Find the best method for your routine and style at
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of


Friday, May 10, 2013


Alright, this week has been pretty terrible. I've been working non-stop and I'm so exhausted. I was so tired on Wednesday that I didn't even go to the gym. Instead, I went and drank a lot of ciders with my boyfriend. So, this week's Weekly Round-Up is a little weak since I'm super behind on reading all my blogs / internetting this week.
Any suggestions on how to not be so tired all the time? Honestly.

- The problem with a lack of passion. I haven't heard the Planet Money segment, but I can say that I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up and I'm so jealous of everyone that has a passion that they're pursuing.

- I love Sriracha and I'm going to have to try out these zucchini chips via Fitnessista.

- This looks delicious too. This looks like something I could easily take to work for lunch via Iowa Girl Eats.

- I can't tell if this is really cool or really gross -- keeping tattoos.

- This girl is the coolest - she took her calculator to prom.

- New Favorite Etsy: HoraEffect. Perfect for geek girls. I really love this Game of Thrones pendant.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Doesn't everyone love lists? I know I do. So, here's a list of other things that make me happy.

1. Pizza - and quite frankly, any kind will do. Good. Bad. I don't care. Gimme all your pizza. When I was a little girl, my mom would always get veggie pizzas and I used to HATE (and am still weird about) cooked vegetables. So, I would just like, scrap off all the toppings of the pizza and basically eat bread with sauce and bits of cheese. AND I STILL LIKED PIZZA. And when I found out you could order it how you wanted it - LIFE CHANGED.

2. Walking back from a good run -  The sweat dripping. The soreness. That feeling of accomplishment. Is there anything better?

3. Back rubs - I am not a fan of being touched (This list of things that make me happy is quickly becoming a "I like this, but I also HATE THAT" list. Oh well!) - but I will make an exception for a back rub. Always.

4. The way my fake keds look with a pair of skinny jeans - oddly specific, but I love it.

5. Making my nephew laugh - It doesn't count if I witness someone else making him laugh. I need to be responsible for it. I think this applies to all children. I don't care if someone else makes them laugh or smile, but if it's me, holy shit. I am impressed I'm not breaking them.

6. Being cold and curling up in a bed with covers - I don't care that I have to wriggle around for another 10 minutes to get warm or that I end up like a little burrito with the covers. That is the best feeling - the coldness will end soon. You don't feel that way when you're hot.

7. Emojis - How did people communicate pre-emoji? I refuse to relive those dark days.

8. CHEESE - I love cheese. A lot. I am very particular about my cheese too. Havarti is meant to be melted. Muenster is for your crackers. But keep that pepperjack away from me.

9. When hot food is HOT and cold food is COLD - I am the girl that puts her sandwich in the freezer to keep it cold while I get my drink ready. I have also been known to just give up on meals that aren't the right temperature. Potato salad just made? Go away. I want you to be around 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  I also get up in the middle of a meal to reheat my food because I'm slow at eating and it stops tasting good when it gets cold. Okay. I'm just really picky.

10. Brunch - What else is better than breakfast food and alcohol with friends? NOTHING. NOTHING.

What do you love? Let me know in the comments!


Monday, May 6, 2013

WEEKEND // Non-Stop Work.

The weeks leading up to a vacation are always the toughest. As of today, I have two weeks left of work before we head to San Diego. Last week was especially hard - 6 days of work, which meant I was at work on Saturday. No matter what, I'm always a cranky mess by the end of the day. I came home and napped and then was just a heinous bitch to everyone.

Whoops! I ended up heading over to the boyfriend's house for pre-Cinco de Mayo tacos and a lot of wine. A lot.

Sunday, we got brunch at NCounter - which was delicious, as usual. Then I made him run errands with me and buy a bunch of clothes.

After that, my brother and I ran down at Chaparral Park. He totally kicked my ass, but I felt good about  it since I didn't work out at all on Saturday.

We are disgusting / Charles!

His and Her's / A perfect omelette with cottage cheese. 

What did you do this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

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Friday, May 3, 2013


- Considering that I can't cook for the life of me, I definitely don't need one of these awesome aprons, but that doesn't mean I don't want all of them.

- Cat Woman with every fictional cat - too cute!

- This list encompasses everything that I, as a 90's kid, want ... er, wanted.

- Best wife ever:

- I just made my boyfriend watch Up! for the first time, so this is pretty fitting:
                                    source: Pop Vinyl Figures

- Phoenix at night. That street in the center? Grand Ave. -- not only does it ruin the grid, but it's a pain in the ass to figure out.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

RECENTLY READ: Space Chronicles

I've had the pleasure of seeing Neil deGrasse Tyson speak and this collection of his essays is fairly similar to his speaking points - manned vs. unmanned space exploration, the need to promote science for children, etc. And, I definitely agree with a lot of the points he makes.

Some of the essays do get a bit repetitive, but I think that it helps to drive his points home. If he didn't think what he was saying was important, he wouldn't keep saying it. He was interested in science because of the Apollo missions - so why should we deny our future generations that push towards science? 

His essays are fun and interesting - very easy to read. You wouldn't think an astrophysicist would be simple to read, but Neil makes it fun. He includes his "Space Tweets" throughout the book as well. 

Should You Read It? Yes! Even if you have only a mild interest in space, this is such a good and easy to read book that it is definitely worth it. And, you might even learn something. 

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