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Somehow Chaotic. : March 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013


- Need to get a song out of your head? Do a Sudoku puzzle.

- This is a great idea, but I definitely do not spend that much money on tampons a month. $15? No thanks.

- This is a great idea. Thanks Adulting! And, after you buy all those bobby pins, here are 25 practical uses for them.

- The untimely death of Google Reader. I've made the switch over to Feedly. But apparently, the thing is to switch over to BlogLovin, so make sure you're following Somehow Chaotic on Blog Lovin!

- I want this sleeping bag because I love pizza.

- These leggings are awesome:


Thursday, March 28, 2013

RECENTLY READ: The Fault in Our Stars

I read this book on the plane and I sobbed.

It was a quick read (because it is a Young Adults novel), but it was well written. It's about kids with cancer, so naturally, it was a tearjerker.

If you're in the mood for a quick and easy read (and you want to cry), then I highly suggest it. It was a little goofy in some parts - the main guy in the book puts a cigarette between his lips, but doesn't light it because of the metaphor. Pretty eyeroll inducing. The kids had a Dawson's Creek feel - you're 16 and why are you using such big words? I don't even use that big of words. But what are you going to do?

Goal #3 - 23 for 23 - 14/50 

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


It's been two weeks since I've gotten back from New York and I'm just now getting caught up on my blog. Whoops! I went out there to visit my best friend. It was basically our anniversary weekend. She moved out to New York in December and I've missed her so much. I was so happy to see her and so bummed to leave.

Here's a brief look at what I did in New York:

- Bloom's Deli. Delicious.
- MoMA. They hide all the "good" art on the top floors. Call me whatever you want, but I am not a fan of performance art. I like paintings of baby Jesus and horses and I love Rococo style paintings. But videos of clowns? Not so much. I'm glad I went, but I don't ever think I'll go back.
- Bars. And lots of them. What else are you going to do on St. Patrick's Day weekend?
- Harry Potter Exhibition in Times Square. Here's some advice: DO NOT GO. This was a waste of my time and money. You're not allowed to take pictures even though they have interactive activities like shooting quaffles and sitting in Hagrid's chair. And it cost $27. The stuff they had was kind of cool, but not worth $27. And then, I bought a wand in the gift shop and I still cannot get it open to put the batteries in. It was a bummer.
- The High Line. This was gorgeous and the buildings surrounding were architecturally amazing. It was a gorgeous park.

And, the best part of my trip was seeing my favorite dog - Louie! 

I like winnneee / PIE by the Pound pizza.

My broken wand / Louis

Karaoke at 3 am in Koreatown / Grand Central Station

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

WEEKEND: Beer and BBQ and Spring Breakers.

Drinking in the sun.

The weather this weekend was perfect. And not just "for Arizona." It was in the 70's, the sun was shining (and not in that usual, beating down on you way), and there was a slight breeze. I had to be outside or I was going to explode.

My friends and I went to Chandler's Great American Beer and BBQ Festival. This is an annual event and if I'm still in Arizona next year, I'll probably go back. Tickets were $10 and drink tickets were $5 each (And honestly, we were getting mixed drinks, so that's not bad at all). And then, the prices of the BBQ varied from place to place.

We stayed for about three hours and then it really started to get crowded - I guess everyone else wanted to spend some time outside too. 

On Sunday, we went to see Spring Breakers. I really enjoyed it, but I went in with the expectation of it being incredibly dark. My friends and I were mostly interested in it because James Franco looks a lot like our favorite rapper - Riff Raff. The narrative was disjointed and the way it was filmed made me honestly feel like I was on drugs, but it was incredibly well done. I don't think everyone is going to like this movie and I feel bad for all the little girls that show up thinking it's going to be just a fun American Pie-type party movie featuring Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens. What I'm trying to say is - See it, but be prepared that it's pretty dark.

I had a great weekend. Drinking in the sun is one of my favorite activities. What did you do this weekend? Let me know in the comments! 

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


New York karaoke. 

I got home on Monday and I feel like I've been playing catch up. Today has been a day of laundry and trying to get everything back in order.

I had such an amazing trip and I cannot wait to write all about it. 

Once again, I have so many exciting things coming up with my blog and I cannot wait to share everything with you all. 

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Friday, March 15, 2013


I'm still in New York. Make sure to follow my Instagram (klghhhh) to see all the fun stuff I'm doing!

- I know it's already March, but here are some questions to ask yourself about this year and how to make it matter.

- I am notorious for sending Emoji only text messages. What an interesting read!

- Do you want to melt? Check out Tiny Buttons for baby fashion.

- I love these Dresses from Shabby Apple, especially this one:

- Everyone needs a Mean Girls sweatshirt from this Etsy shop. No, seriously, we all do.

- And tomorrow, March 16th, is the last day to enter for the St. Patrick's Day Giveaway. Remember to enter HERE and good luck!  And thanks Breanna for setting this all up!


Thursday, March 14, 2013


I'm heading off to New York today and here are some of my go-to places while I'm there.

- Best Pizza? Pie by the Pound.
We went here originally because it has Gluten-Free options. And, holy shit. It was amazing. I wanted to just move in. The owner was really nice and talked to my friend about being a celiac. It was a great experience. Great food. Good selection of beers and ciders. I cannot wait to go back.

- Best Mac n Cheese? S'Mac.
When we first got into New York, we were starving. We headed over to S'Mac because yes, they too have Gluten-Free options. But, amazing. The line was so long, but the food was worth it. I couldn't even finish my food even though I tried.

- Must See Bar? McSorley's.
This place is amazing. We walked in and they asked us what we wanted to drink. I asked the bartender what they had. He said, "One beer. Light or dark." They give you the beer in two mugs - so mandatory double fisting. We only had one drink there because even though it was the middle of the afternoon, the place was packed.

I'm also looking forward to eating a bagel from just about anywhere and seeing the Harry Potter exhibition.
Any suggestions for other places I need to visit in New York? Let me know in the comments! 

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Giveaway!

I'm so excited to be apart of my first giveaway. Thanks to the lovely Breanna over at My Beautiful Crazy Life for putting all of this together!

Pondered Primed Perfected | Glossy Blonde | Delightful Dream

So excited to be teaming up with all the fabulous ladies above to bring to you another fabulous giveaway except this time we are celebrating Saint Patrick's Day :) If it wasn't for the ladies above this giveaway wouldn't be possible so please take a second to visit their blogs and say thanks! We are giving away a $165 Target giftcard to one lucky person.

Giveaway Details:
+You MUST be a My Beautiful, Crazy Life reader
+This giveaway will end on March 17 at 11:00p.m. so get your entries in before its too late!
+Winner will be verified, so make sure your doing what you say you are :) 
+Winner will be contacted via e-mail & need to respond within 24 hours or a new winner will be chosen.
Good luck :)


Monday, March 11, 2013

HOW TO: Avoid Getting Sick

I have an exciting week coming up - tomorrow, I get my nephew and on Thursday, I'm going to New York. So the last thing I want is to get sick. But, I've been working so much and the weather keeps changing that I got that tickle in my throat on Friday.
Not trying to jinx myself, but I feel great and here's why: 

1. Gargle Warm Salt Water 
This one sucks while you're doing it, but the moment I get that tickle (And you know the one - the one that's telling you you're about to get sick), I warm up some water, add some salt, and then gargle. 

2. Cold-eeze
These are disgusting. My mom always tells us "They're not meant to be candy." It's marketed as a "cold prevention" and I'm fairly sure it's just a super dose of vitamin C. Oh well. Whatever it is, it seems to have worked its magic. 

3. Vitamin C 
During the winter, I always take vitamin C pills, so I just stuck with that. Especially in Arizona with the weather changing so rapidly, it's worth it to invest in. 

4. Water
Drink lots of water. Over the weekend, I always had a cup of water next to me. 

5. Sleep
I wish I could follow this advice, but I've been working so much that sleep wasn't in the cards for me. However, if you're starting to feel sick, going to bed early is always helpful. 

Now that I've saved everyone from those winter to spring colds, I want to talk about BlogGo
This app allows me to post directly to my Blogger blog from my iPhone. It's available at the iTunes Store and I cannot recommend it enough. 

I just wrote this post using BlogGo and t was incredibly simple to use. Check it out! 

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Friday, March 8, 2013


- The wisdom of Louis C.K. He's hilarious. I saw him in 2011 and it was one of the best experiences.

- The legal complications of a movie shot at Disney World - without Disney knowing.

- 3 ingredient Nutella bites? I think I could even make these.

- I want this.
- I am a sucker for anything Muppets. There are others, but this is my favorite.
- Just added this to my Amazon Wishlist.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Living At Home: A Year Later.

Last year, I moved back home.

I had a reason. A few, actually. First, my car was no longer working. My '99 Buick was on its last leg/tire? and I had been told if I drove it any further, it would probably blow up. So, that lead to reason #2 - I had to save money. If not to buy a new car, then at least to save up to move someplace else.

So, I packed up all my freedom and dignity and moved to my mom's couch*. For three months, we carpooled. I would wake up early, take her to work, work myself, then pick her up from work, and then she would drop me off at school only to pick me up at night. Does it sound terrible to you? Because it sucked. A lot.

Thankfully, in May, I bought my beautiful car and I didn't have to depend on my mom for rides everywhere. But, I'm still sleeping on her couch.

I am truly thankful that my mom let me come and crash with her when I needed her the most. It's been incredibly tough, but I don't know what I would do without my family.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about my living arrangement:

Do you like living at home? No. Not at all. My stuff is spread out between three rooms - my clothes are in my mom's closet, half my furniture is in my brother's room, and the other half is in the living room. I don't really have any privacy either because I'm in the living room.

Are you at least saving money? This is debatable. Yes and no. I'm able to do more exciting things - like go on trips, so that sucks a lot of money. If I wasn't traveling, I would have a lot more money saved.

Are you seriously sleeping on a couch? YES. I am seriously on a couch and it's not comfortable at all. My back hurts!

Do you still have a curfew? The first time I moved back home (I moved out when I was 19 and quickly moved back 8 months later), my mom gave me a curfew. Her house - her rules. Now, she's a lot more lax. I have to get up at 4 am for work, so I don't want to stay out all night anyway. We do have an understanding that I check-in to bars on Facebook if I'm out drinking - so she knows where I am. And that I text her the next morning - wherever I am - to let her know I'm alive. So, I have some freedom.

Are you at least planning on moving out? Hmmm. Yes. I'm planning a lot of things, so we'll see what happens.

There it is. Sometimes I really am embarrassed that I'm living on my mom's couch, but that's how things worked out and I'm happy I had a place to go. Hell, it's a lot more spacious than my car.

*When I say that I live on her couch, I literally sleep on a couch. And it's not a good couch. I have to sleep on the recliner side. It's terrible.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Life Lately...

I've been busy! I've been working a ton. And when I get home from work, all I want to do is nap. So, I've just been working, napping, and then grabbing a drink. Don't fret -- I have a lot of exciting things coming up for Somehow Chaotic. It's just a matter of getting everything ready.

Currently, I've been WATCHING: The IT Crowd again. I forgot how hilarious this show is. LISTENING TO: Still listening to Riff Raff. Obsessively. DRINKING: Water. I wish it was cranberry juice because my body needs to detox from this weekend. But water will do. WEARING: My favorite Suns sweatshirt. THINKING ABOUT: How much I wish I could be playing the new SimCity, but it's not available for Macs yet. WANTING: A new crossbody bag. My current one is falling apart and I need a new one.

Here are some pictures and I promise, things will get more interesting when I have some more time.

That day it snowed in Scottsdale, AZ / Magic. 

Magners at Shobbie's / Delicious cheeseburger at Indulge

$3 Mojitos / I gave my boyfriend the best birthday present. 

What have you been up to lately? Let me know in the comments! 

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Monday, March 4, 2013

WEEKEND REVIEW: Totally 80's.

It's Sunday night and I'm still incredibly hung over. That's what happens when you mix alcohols. I've laid in bed all day and I've finally moved over to the couch. I should be doing laundry for the week and getting my blog posts prepped, but nope.

I guess you want to see the reason why I'm so hung over - and not just pictures of booze. Last night was my boyfriend's birthday party and it was 80's themed. So naturally, I went as Risky Business because it's the easiest costume. Here's how to dress up as Risky Business: 

- White shirt (I borrowed this from my brother since he's so tall that I would have some added length)
- A pair of boxers
- Socks
- Fake Rayban sunglasses

And, you are set!

Half of a Paper Route.

Wall Street and Risky Business

Me and I think he was a Beastie Boy, but who can remember things like that?

I'm usually not one for costumes. But, I had a lot of fun. And, I'm definitely paying the price today. What's the best themed party you've ever been to? What's your best costume? Let me know in the comments! 

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Friday, March 1, 2013


- This infuriates me. This drink would be so disgusting and watery.

- Who wants to go to Japan with me?

- This is awesome: Hogwarts made out of Legos. And it was built by a lady!

- Great news for New Jersey (I'm looking at you, Cory Booker) -- Batman is officially from New Jersey.

- A CEO gets honest.

- I love PBR, but I'm definitely not a hipster. Or maybe I am?